Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Renovation Begins

Every Spring Break we try to do something to improve our home.  We've renovated a bathroom, built a fence, and redecorated several rooms.  This year, it's time for us to tackle the master bathroom.  Since this isn't a space used by any guests, it has waited over six years to get any attention, and it is desperately in need of same major attention.  Everything in the bathroom, with the exception of the light fixture, is original to the 37 year old home.  Thirty seven year old vanity.  Thirty seven year old toilet.  Thirty seven year old color scheme.

I'm so excited to finally update the space so that it is beautiful and a bit more modern.  Today we began the demolition phase.  This is the phase where I begin to panic that we won't finish in a reasonable amount of time.  The prospect of uncovering some expensive, hidden problem temporarily paralyzes me, and I try to find excuses that prevent me from that initial blow with a sledge hammer.  I finally worked up the nerve to begin today and I'm satisfied with the progress we made.  We'll be back at it again tomorrow with the anticipated completion date on Thursday evening.  Take a look at some photos of day 1 below.

The bathroom walls were covered in this brown and tan striped wallpaper.  I prefer cool colors, so this warm brown has been difficult to live with.  Why did I wait so long?

Panoramic view of the space.  That vanity is about 8 feet wide.  That's a lot of brown countertop.

 Brown walls, brown backsplash, brown cabinets, brown carpet.  Brown carpet.  Again, why did I wait so long?

This is a good view of what happens when you install wall paper directly to sheetrock.  We've dealt with this nightmare in the other bathroom, dining room, and kitchen.  When you remove the paper, the entire top layer of the sheetrock comes off as well.  Some of the brown sheetrock paper even peels off.  We have to peel the rest off with our fingers tomorrow, seal it, skim coat, texture, and then paint.  If you ever consider skipping a step when doing any wall treatments, please consider the Katys of your home's future.  Also pictured is a 37 year old toilet.  Not too bad, right?  But she uses a ton of water.  We will upgrade her for an eco-friendly version.  We also plan to install a wall cabinet above the toilet since we will have a lot less storage space without an 8 foot vanity.

Next we removed this 8 foot mirror.  It was shockingly heavy.

After the mirror was out, we removed the backsplash one tile at a time.  See the glue left behind?  That has to be peeled off to make a smooth surface for our new backsplash.

 Here is the space with the vanity removed.  Wouldn't it be nice if the entire wall was smooth like the portion behind the vanity?  I'm not so lucky.  That carpet looks so gross in this picture.  It's not stained, but it looks like it is in this picture.  Maybe it is and I just never noticed because of the shadow of the vanity?  Disgusting.  Our new tile will be so much better!

Tomorrow we finish peeling any loose paper from the walls.  After that, we scrape the popcorn ceilings and seal the walls.  We'll see how far we make it tomorrow!

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