Sunday, March 12, 2017

Texas is in the Rearview Now

We're finally back in Missouri, after a 10-hour drive today.  We reluctantly departed Texas this morning at 10:00 am after a morning of storytelling with my aunt and cousin.  The sky was dreary and gray and my windshield dotted with wet drops, much like my cheeks as I longingly watched Texas disappear in my rearview mirror.  Leaving is always so very difficult.

Now that I'm back at my house with my laptop and wifi, I can add photos of our quick trip to this blog.  Enjoy!

Sophia at the Tall Chief sculpture in Big Cabin, Oklahoma.

 Magnolia Market in Waco, TX

Manske Rolls from Gil's Broiler in San Marcos, TX.  Order them online.  Now.

The fam in our adorable 1800's apartment in La Grange, TX.

Sophia at "The Muddiest Best Little Cowboy Gathering in Texas" music festival

Sophia pointing to my cousin rocking out on the bass guitar.  This is just one of the instruments she plays!  I'm so proud of her!

Sophia at a railroad museum.  Adorable.

This train has my name on it!  My mother has a photo of me at the same age in front of a Katy Railroad sign.

Sophia with a metal horned toad and bear statue.  Oh Texas, how I love thee.  She is making quotation mark fingers when she says "toad" because a horned toad is actually a reptile, not an amphibian.  My little scientist!

And my favorite pictures of all were taken on the side of an old two-lane highway, in the 47 degree drizzle, with semi trucks racing by.  Bluebonnets were my favorite flower as a child.  I feel so lucky to have been in the area when they were blooming this year.  What a beautiful moment.


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  1. Loved how you shared your trip through photos! So glad you had a wonderful weekend! Were you able to do any clownting?