Friday, March 17, 2017

Soccer Returns

Sophia, my 11 year old daughter,  plays soccer year-round. However, in the winter, practice moves indoor and she plays a version of soccer called Futsal. It's an indoor style developed in the 1930s in Uruguay.  Two to four nights a week she practiced, and then had games on Saturdays. The futsal season recently wrapped up, and now it's time for the return of traditional outdoor soccer. Tomorrow, we have a tournament in Monett, MO. Today after school, we picked up water and snacks for all of the players. In the morning, we will pack a cooler with some lunch and spend the day in the sun. I'll begin producing some much needed Vitamin D and Sophia will get some great exercise. We will be busy with weekends like this from now through June. It's such a pleasure to watch Sophia enjoy herself, and I'm excited to kick off another outdoor soccer season.

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