Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Repair Day 2

The journey to an updated bathroom continues.  Today we rented some equipment to finish texturing the walls and ceiling.  Between sanding the walls, taping off the shower and window, mixing the mud, spraying it on, cleaning the equipment, and returning it, we worked for about 7 hours today.  I wish I could do more, but the fumes from the drywall mud are so strong.  Despite windows open and fans constantly running, my asthma is really taking a beating with this project.  

The room is beginning to take shape.  Tomorrow we will tile the backsplash wall, prime the walls and ceiling, and paint the walls.  Hopefully the new light fixture fits because I love it and don't want to have to return it.  I think it will be a really tight squeeze.  We'll also paint and install the new cabinet to go above the toilet.  Late tomorrow night, we will tile the floors.  Those will have to cure for 24 hours before we can grout them.  That timing is actually great because we leave Friday afternoon for a concert in Tulsa.  So, if all goes well, we will be able to grout the floors when we return Saturday afternoon and wrap up the project with toilet and vanity install Sunday afternoon.  I have a few decorative items purchased, but I'll need to shop for some more once I see the entire space finished.  Here are some pictures of the freshly textured walls and my lovely husband installing hardy backer in preparation of the tile flooring.

The texture is a little bumpier than I had hoped it would be.  Tomorrow we will sand that down a bit.  More dust to come!

The room already looks so much bigger when it isn't brown.  No more cave!

Hardy backer is essentially cement board.  People use it in showers to prevent water damage.  It creates a smooth, bondable surface for the floors.

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