Thursday, March 23, 2017

Renovation Day 5

Today was a tough day for the renovation.  Well, the renovation went well.  It's my mental health that is not responding to the adventure.  I need order.  My brain craves order and predictability.  Chaos makes me feel sick.  Disorder turns me into an aggressive person. If you've ever been through a home renovation, you understand how chaotic your environment becomes.  There is no order.  It isn't just the renovated space that becomes messy, it's everything.

Our master bedroom has become a staging zone.  We've moved everything from the bathroom into our room, and some of the tools and materials are patiently waiting there as well.  The garage is a disaster.  Trim, cabinets, paint, tools, saws, tile saws, saw horses, actual horses.  Ok, there are no actual horses in my garage, but even if there were, I wouldn't notice them because of the chaos.  The three of us are sharing Sophia's bathroom, so that's a bit of crowded messy space.  We've moved into the guest room because the fumes of the renovation make sleeping in our own bed impossible.  The kitchen is a mess as well because that's where we wash the tools.  We've tracked in so much dust and debris, the floors are covered in white footprints, the sink is stained, and the counters are dusty.  Are you getting the picture?

When I awoke this morning, I was so irritable and I was craving some order.  One way I self-soothe is by organizing or making order of something disorganized, messy, or chaotic.  I love to fix things.  I love to organize.  I love a good chart.  I love an organized drawer.  To bring myself some peace, I cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer.  I realize that taking an hour and a half to clean out and reorganize my refrigerator in the middle of an entire bathroom renovation seems insane.  I know this.  However, if I didn't fix something to completion this morning, I felt like I was going to lose my mind.  After I finished, I felt better and I had a clean refrigerator.  I also threw out an unusual number of olive and pickle jars.  I like salty snacks!

We made great progress today.  The walls have been sanded and primed.  The floor boards and new cabinet have been painted a beautiful white.  The backsplash is up and the thin set is curing.  Tomorrow morning we paint the walls and ceilings and then lay the tile.  After that, we head to Tulsa for a concert while the floors cure.  Saturday night we grout.  Sunday we install and enjoy our new space.  The funny thing is I head to Jefferson City on Monday after work so I won't get to enjoy the space until the following Friday night!  

I LOVE these beveled subways tiles.  They are an upgrade from the plain subway tile we used in Sophia's bathroom, and I can tell you they were definitely worth the expense.  They are gleaming white and I love that they are oversized.  So cute!  you can still see the spacers and some rogue thin-set here.  We'll clean them all up nice and shiny when we are finished.

Remember, we had one giant 8 foot vanity.  Now we will have two smaller vanities, so the tile between the two will be visible.  We will hang two mirrors instead of the one giant mirror.  We have rectangle and circle mirrors to choose from.  I like the circle better, but we'll try both to see which looks best in the space.

This looks like a plain white space because it is!  This is our new ceiling.  Remember the old popcorn ceiling?  Goodbye shadows!  Goodbye dust!  Here it has only been primed.  Tomorrow I'll paint it the most lovely shade of white, "Maui Mist".  Under this pic, I've thrown in the old ceiling pic.  What a difference!  It was totally worth the dust.


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