Friday, March 24, 2017

One Little Hole = One Big Problem

This morning, I awoke feeling optimistic.  We'd made great progress yesterday and were on track to finish by late Sunday. We have concert tickets to see one of my favorite bands play in a great venue and reservations at a nice hotel.  My fridge is clean and organized.  Things were looking good.

This morning, my husband was asleep on the couch as I got ready to take Sophia to her monthly orthodontist appointment.  I didn't nag at him to get up and get to work because I knew he had trouble sleeping last night and wanted him to catch up on his rest.  As I got dressed in my closet, I heard an unusual sound.  It was the hiss of water.  A sound I've never heard in my closet.  I paused, listened, and pondered.  It seemed to come from the ceiling.  I thought it was unusual, but knowing our pipes don't go to the attic, I passed it off as a non-issue and proceeded to the orthodontist.

This morning, I ignored my husband's phone call as I chatted with the orthodontist.  Sophia's teeth are making excellent progress and we are right on track to have them removed in 18 months.  I made 6 months of payments and left feeling like life was going so well for us.  I headed to Lowe's for an extra gallon of paint so that we would have enough just in case the walls needed three coats.

This morning, I called my husband back.  He didn't bother to say "hello", he just said "We have a problem."  His voice sounded panicky as he talked about a leak.  A leak?  Where?  Something about hardy backer, something about a pinhole, something about the drywall.  The water had to be shut off.  The carpet was wet.  He mentioned corrosion and copper pipes.

This morning, our renovation project came to a screeching halt.  The cold water pipe on the left faucet had a leak.  That leak, although small, was mighty enough to flood the bathroom and seep into our bedroom.  The subfloor is drenched, the pipes need to be replaced, and there is no way we will finish this project by Sunday night.

This morning, my renovation fears, the fears of all DIYers, came true.  One little hole produced one big problem.

This morning, I contemplate canceling the trip to Tulsa so that we can work on the leak.

This morning, I consider calling a professional to dig us out of this mess.

This morning, I worry.

The tiny leak is seen here.  It's no bigger than the tip of an ink pen.

The leak was concentrated so it bore a hole in the drywall and sprayed a fine mist all over the room.

Here you can see where we cut a hole in the drywall to find the leak.  It's so close to our new backsplash tile.  I hope we can fix it without having to remove any of the new tiles.

Here is my patient husband removing the hardy backer.  You can see that the subfloor is saturated.

The hardy backer will dry out.  It is cement, so designed to withstand water.  A dehumidifier will have to be in the room to dry the subfloor.


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