Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mother-Daughter Road Trip

At 3:00 this afternoon, my daughter and I departed on a road trip to Texas. My cousin, the only one I have on my father's side, is graduating from high school in May. She is a talented musician, but I've never been able to see her play in any of her performance groups. This weekend, one of her bands, The Lake Travis Fiddlers, plays at a music festival in La Grange, Texas. This may be my last opportunity to see her play as a high school student, so I took a personal day and hit the road. We traveled about 6 hours to Dallas where we are staying the night at the Westin in the Galleria. In the morning, we will do a little shopping before we get back on the road and head toward Austin. I have a few stops planned along the way, and can't wait to share pictures of our adventure. I'd like to post some photos of Sophia with The Tall Chief sculpture at the Big Cabin exit off of I-44 in Oklahoma. We've driven by this guy a million times, but have never stopped to get a picture. We stop at the gas station next to it because they have our favorite beef jerky, and now I think we will make sure to get photos of my sweet little girl next to this big guy.  I cannot upload photos to blogger from my phone, so they will have to wait until tomorrow when I have my laptop and some wifi.

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