Sunday, March 26, 2017

7 Day...

At the end of this spring break, I find myself feeling anxious about all of the things I did not accomplish in the past 7 days.  Knowing my list turned out to be too long to complete in 7 days, I wondered what can actually be done in 7 days.  I did a little research to see what other people are getting finished in 7 days.  I didn't see a lot of evidence that many people are doing much in 7 days aside from some odd diets and unnecessary cleanses.  Below is the top google auto complete results for "7 day..." followed by each letter of the alphabet.

7 day...

  • adventists
  • body cleanse
  • cleanse
  • detox
  • egg diet 
  • forecast
  • gm diet
  • healthy meal plan
  • Iceland itinerary
  • juice cleanse
  • keto diet
  • liquid diet
  • meal plan
  • national weather forecast
  • of Christmas
  • pill box
  • qpf (I had to google this result to see what it was!  It stands for Quantitative Precipitation Forecast)
  • rescue diet
  • soup diet
  • to die 
  • ultimate cleanse
  • vegan challenge
  • weather
  • xbox live
  • yield
  • z pack

I see that many people are searching for information about 7 day diets and cleanses.  Are we fearful of committing to healthy eating so we look for a 7 day bargain?  

I also noticed  a few grammar issues related to number (7 day of, 7 day to) which tells me that either a lot of people are confused about this element of English, or there are a lot of typos; more typos than not typos since it was result #1.

Rather than stress about not finishing the bathroom renovation, the state of my house, or going back to work, I'm instead going to spend some time reading about some of these diets and cleanses.  First on my list?  The egg diet.  Sign me up!  I love eggs!

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