Monday, March 20, 2017

Demo Day 2

Today we continued with the demolition phase of the bathroom remodel.  It was a messy, dusty, hot, and humid day.  A three-shower-day.  We began the morning with a trip to the car dealership.  My beloved Volvo, Alice we called her, had begun to age.  She was a few miles short of 120,000, so it was time to find something with fewer miles.  We found a lovely car with half as many miles, so we made the deal.  This morning we finalized the paperwork and picked up the new car.  Sophia is calling her Gretel, but I'm not fully sold on that name yet.  Alice got her name because Volvo is a Swedish company, and Alice was the most common female name in Sweden when we got her.  Although Gretel isn't the most common female name in Germany, it is in the top.  We'll just have to see if it sticks.

After the car exchange, we picked up some supplies for the remodel at Home Depot and Lowes.  Then, we got to work.  Today we finished peeling the remnants of wallpaper and its glue from the sheetrock, tiny sliver by tiny sliver.  Next, we removed the popcorn ceiling.  Have you done this before?  It is significantly more messy than you might imagine it to be.  When we've done this in the past, we used the water method where you saturate the ceiling and scrape the muddy mess onto the floor.  My friend told me her husband just scraped the ceiling dry which left behind a bit of texture and they painted that.  We gave her method a try.  Dust. So much dust.  The jury is still out on which method we prefer.  It did leave some texture behind, but we still need to patch a few spots.  After we prime and paint it, I'll know which way is better and share my thoughts with you.

Today also included removal of baseboards, window sill, door frame, carpet, padding, tack boards (insane number of nails), and the toilet.  Despite our busy morning, we still put in 8 hours of work.  The pictures don't seem to show much change from yesterday, but we are making progress.  Tomorrow we will seal the walls, patch some spots on the ceiling, texture the walls, and prime and paint both the walls and ceilings.  If we are lucky, we may get a few layers of the backsplash tiles up.  Here are some photos of today's work. Goodbye, shadowy ceiling.  Goodbye brown carpet.  Goodbye beige toilet.

The popcorn ceiling before.  Every one of those bumps casts a shadow and catches dust.  Never, ever, ever curse a future home owner with this terrible stuff.

The toilet is gone!  Thankfully we have another bathroom.  See that hole in the wall?  The toilet paper holder was ceramic and matched the backsplash (more brown!).  It was installed in the drywall so when I removed it, there was a big hole left behind.  The towel rack left a similar problem.

Remember the yellow glue from the old backsplash?  I removed it with my thumbnails today.  They are sore.

Despite my best effort, some of the glue will not come off.  When we seal the wall, it will come off in big sheets.  Then, we will seal under the old glue.  You can see the more smooth ceiling in this picture.

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  1. I do not understand why people put so many tiny nails in tack boards. We just remodeled our bathroom, but we only have one bathroom so we had to work so fast. I feel your pain.