Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Academic Awards Banquet

This evening I was honored to attend an academic awards banquet as a guest of my daughter's.  She did very well on last year's MAP grade level assessments, and was recognized for her achievement with dinner and an awards ceremony.  She was give a medal, a certificate, and a t-shirt.  Last year, I posted about the same event and our color-coordinated shopping adventure in anticipation of the event.  We shopped again this year for new outfits to wear to this event, but this time I didn't color coordinate the family.  We each found something we liked and wore it.  Jason wore a blue shirt and matching sweater.  Sophia wore a beautiful long sleeve cream lace dress with a keyhole back.   I really wanted a dress like Sophia's but, I found a black floral dress at Dillard's and loved it.  The sleeves actually had openings that ran about halfway down the arm, the neck tied with a long set of strings with golden beads at the end, and there was an opening in the top.  I loved the fabric and the length, so I bought it anyway and made some alterations.  It turned out great and we looked like a nice family, even though we were not color coordinated!  There's always next year!

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  1. I think your outfits look nice together. Kind of fun to have something to dress up for! Good job, Sophia!!