Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Power of a Run

Today, I was walking around in a much heavier cloud than yesterday. Getting out of bed was nearly impossible and I felt sluggish all day. It felt as though something was pulling my shoulders and forehead down to the ground.  After work, I considered going home for a quick nap before taking my daughter to soccer practice. Instead, I made a decision to try and snap out of this funk I'm in. I went to my favorite antique store and bought two blue Mason jars so that I can make joy jars. I'm sure you've heard of this!  Joy jars are just empty jars. What makes them special is what you put inside!  Every day you think of some experience that brought you joy, write it on a small piece of paper, and place it in the joy jar. It's a great way to keep a positive perspective, especially when life gets busy and overwhelming. I bought a large jar for home. Each of us will place one joyful thought inside the jar each night at dinner. The other jar is for my teaching partner and me. We are often too busy to feel productive, so this will be a great way to end each day. It will be a good reminder that despite being busy and not getting everything finished every day, we are accomplishing many things and making a difference a little bit at a time.

After that, I took my daughter to soccer practice and rather than sit in my car or in a lawn chair, I went for a walk/run. It was difficult. I felt very heavy. I wanted to quit multiple times. However, I stuck with it. I pushed through the pain and was able to keep my heart rate up for 40 minutes. And you know what?  I felt lighter and happier when I was finished. I was much more positive and didn't feel like I was in a cloud or quicksand.  That's the power of a good run!  I'll do it again tomorrow.

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