Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rainbow Fingers

Our family dyes eggs for Easter every year.  It's such a fun tradition.  We purchase the least expensive dozen eggs, poke holes in each end of the egg, and blow the interior contents out into a bowl or the sink.  We allow the eggs to dry and then dye them.  No matter how careful we are, my fingertips always end up dyed the color of the rainbow and there are splatters of dye around the countertops or on the table.  All three of us are quite competitive, but I'm the only one in my family who lacks creativity.  This makes for an uncomfortable moment after the eggs are dyed.  I'm always so envious of my husband's eggs because they are unique and beautiful while mine are messy and plain.  This year his best was an octopus egg.  It was magnificent!  Our daughter has gotten really good at coming up with beautiful designs.  Her eggs will soon be even more amazing than her father's.  Perhaps I'll take a painting class and purchase some rubber gloves so that my fingers aren't rainbow colors and my eggs aren't boring.

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