Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Inspiration from a Friend

I'm borrowing this format from a friend's blog.  She is a phenomenal writer, and inspires me to be a better, more devoted teacher and to have a more positive outlook on life.

I am a wife, mother, teacher, friend, and worrier.

I keep forgetting to go to yoga.  Today makes about 15 years in a row.

I wish I could run faster and farther.  Running makes me feel amazing.  It dissolves my insecurities and depression.  I think if I could just run a little faster and a litter farther, I'd see some better health benefits.

I love sunny days.  I really should live in a part of the country with better weather.  One day I will have a home at the beach.  Turquoise water, white sand, and sunny skies = perfection.

I sing the wrong lyrics to most of the songs from my childhood.  My husband, who is eight years older than me, constantly corrects my mistakes.  However, I still sing the wrong lyrics because they will always be "Werewolves of Thunder" and "Western Girls" rather than "Werewolves of London"  and "West End Girls" to me.

I think my students are amazing!  Many of the kids I work with have overcome some substantial hardships, yet they continue to face the world with a smile and fire which cannot be extinguished.  They are inspirational.  

I really want to go to Kansas City this weekend to purchase a special instrument made in Tanzania for my daughter to use as a prop in her country research project.  However, the garage needs one more coat of paint before we can organize it.

I need to set some goals and achieve them.  I've been in a bit of a low spot this year and have lost my ambition.  I need to find it.  Have you seen it?  Maybe it's somewhere in my garage.

I should eat more vegetables.  I love fruit and avoid a lot of unhealthy foods.  However, I know I need more vegetables in my life.  If only they tasted like berries.  

I can sometimes jump to the worst conclusion.  My brain goes straight to DANGER in so many situations.  Life would be so much better if I was more optimistic.  

I like helping people.  Being helpful makes me feel incredibly happy.  I truly believe my purpose is to help.  

I make delicious food for the people I love.  I feel wonderful when I can create something tasty and beautiful for other people to enjoy.  

I always think about what I could have done to be a better person.  Every night, I ask myself how I could have been a better teacher, listener, friend, mother, and wife.  Many times I forget the following day because life is so overwhelming, but there are moments that stay with me.  There are moments that make a lasting impression and help me grow into a better person.

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