Monday, March 14, 2016

I Side With...

Tomorrow is Missouri's presidential primary!  I'm still quite ill, with the flu according to the clinic, but will hopefully be well enough to drag my patriotic self to the voting polls tomorrow. I've had a candidate in mind for quite some time, but I have questioned my choice a time or two. Is my candidate electible? Do I really agree with my candidate, or am I exhibiting cognitive dissonance?  To make sure I vote for the candidate who truly represents my vision for America, I visited to take a quiz. This quick, less than five minute quiz asks a series of questions about the most popular political stances. You answer if you agree or disagreement and rate each question from least to most important. The questions offer expanded options for those who don't see the issue as black and white. At the end of the quiz, the candidates are ranked in order of the one you most agree with to the one you least agree with. I'm excited to announce that the candidate I thought I agreed with was my top match at 96%!  However, the candidate I was considering switching to also matched me at a high rate, 95%. Oh no!  I'm right back to my predicament.  I may do this the old fashioned way: eenie, meenie, miney, moe!

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