Monday, March 7, 2016


The weather has been lovely around here lately.  Just as Punxsutawney Phil predicted, an early spring appears to be poking its head out of the cold ground.  I've seen yellow daffodils sprouting all over the area, pink and white dogwood trees blooming, and the dreaded white flowers of the Bradford pear tree have begun showing their allergy-inducing faces.  Spring is my favorite season, as it serves as a tangible reminder of renewal and opportunities to make a fresh start.  I will happily deal with the sinus pressure in exchange for the pastel flowers and chirping birds.

Today's weather was an odd mixture of spring and summer.  The wind was whipping my hair all around, which is customary spring behavior.  However, I'm not used to sweating so profusely in March.  The relative humidity was nearly 70%, which is quite uncomfortable.  We usually have high humidity in the summers, but I don't recall springs feeling so muggy.  This makes me a bit nervous for the spring storm season.  Fortunately, my school district has invested in safety by installing storm shelters at each building so I know my daughter and the students I love so very much will be safe.  They may be sweaty from the humidity and their hair a tangled mess from the wind, but we don't have to worry about safety from a dangerous storm.

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