Sunday, March 27, 2016

Empty Tomb Rolls

This morning, my family baked Empty Tomb Rolls in observance of Easter.  We had never made these before, but I saw them online and wanted to try the recipe.  Not only did they provide a symbolic representation of the resurrection of Jesus, but they were also delicious!  Empty tomb rolls are crescent roll dough stuffed with cinnamon sugar coated marshmallows.  The marshmallow represents Jesus.  Those are dipped in melted butter, which represents the washing of Jesus's body.  The marshmallow is then rolled in cinnamon sugar, which represents the linen Jesus's body was wrapped in.  Next, the marshmallow is placed inside of crescent roll dough, which represents the tomb, sealed, and topped with more butter and cinnamon sugar.  The rolls are baked, and the heat of the baking melts the marshmallow, so when you cut open the roll, it's empty inside, just like the tomb was after Jesus was resurrected!  They were so tasty, we're going to make this a new Easter family tradition.      

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