Saturday, March 5, 2016

Color Coordination

Many times over the past ten years, my family has attended events where a new outfit was in order.  There have been concerts, dinners, funerals, weddings, open houses, school programs, and various other adventures.  For the most part, we are usually a bit overdressed compared to the average attendee.  My husband always asks if we'll be overdressed, I always assure him we will not, and we always are.  It is a tradition.

My daughter has been invited to attend an academic awards banquet to celebrate her achievement on last year's grade-level assessments.  I was so proud of her, and excited to dress up in her honor.  I planned a trip to the mall today so that we could each pick up something nice to wear that evening.  When I informed my husband of the type of attire we were shopping for, he immediately asked if we were going to be overdressed.  You know the rest.

Since the evening is to honor my daughter, I allowed her to choose first.  She tried on about ten dresses, and chose a black and white one with a gold necklace.  I was urging her to choose aqua or turquoise, but she felt confident in the other and her father liked it as well.  This choice presented me with a serious problem because not only do I like to be overdressed, but I like for my family to be color coordinated.  I had envisioned myself in a softer color, perhaps aqua or turquoise, and did not even consider black as an option.  Since it is so close to spring and Easter, I already knew the vast majority of dresses currently available fell into the pastel category, so black was going to be a challenge.

I set out determined to find something nice enough to match the tone set by Sophia's choice, as well as to match her color palette.  To my surprise, I actually found the perfect dress at the first store I visited.  The knee-length lace dress was affordable, modest, and best of all, black!  I was even able to find black shoes on clearance at Macy's.  After my attire was set, I met back up with my husband only to discover he had chosen blue nautical print.  Now, any other day I would be thrilled for him to wear my favorite colors and patterns, but this choice didn't fit with our color scheme.  I liked the blue so much I suggested my daughter and I cancel our dark purchases and instead match the Mr., but my daughter was set on wearing the black and white dress with the gold necklace and shoes.  Fortunately, black is always available in men's wear, so we quickly found a nice shirt, tie, and some new shoes for him.

I'm looking forward to celebrating my daughter's accomplishment.  Here's hoping she continues to do well on these assessments so that we can make this event another over dressed, color coordinated tradition.  

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