Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Series of Tunnels

My buddy occasionally texts me random sayings or phrases.  Sometimes it is because he needs help understanding them, and other times it is simply because he likes them and wants me to like them as well.  Today, out of the blue, he sent the message "Do you ever see the light at the end of the tunnel?"  There was nothing preceding the message, nor any further explanation after a few minutes as is customary in our exchanges.  When I realized he wasn't going to elaborate, I responded "Which tunnel?  I have a lot of tunnels right now."  He replied "I see you know what that means.  Is it about goals?"  to which I sent back "The goal is the tunnel.  Life is a series of tunnels.  Some are long, and others are short."

After the exchange, I spent a lot of time pondering this simple metaphor.  My life certainly has been a series of tunnels.  I've set many goals and have achieved quite a few of them.  My experiences with SOL have been tunnels, both of which I found light at the end.  I've traversed the 4 year degree tunnel, and am edging closer to taking the first step into the Master's degree tunnel.  I've conquered the 5K tunnel, and am currently exploring the 1/2 marathon tunnel.  Just this evening I made it through a smaller branch of my 1/2 marathon tunnel by finishing 6 miles in one session.  I recently made a cake, icing and filling included, completely from scratch.  That was a much easier tunnel than I had anticipated.  I plan to trek through many more cake tunnels in the near future.

I'm still trudging through many of my tunnels, and I honestly question if I'll ever see the light at the end of some.  I wonder if all tunnels are meant to be cleared, or if perhaps some are better left unexplored.  Maybe some tunnels don't offer the reprieve of light and must be abandoned, and others do have light but it's a light I'd rather not bask in, so it is best to withdraw.

I enjoy dominating tunnels.  Light is satisfying and fulfilling.  Today was a tunnel.  This post was a tunnel.  A series of tunnels lie ahead for me to clear tomorrow, and others for me to clear much later.      

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