Monday, March 30, 2015

Where Art Thou, March 12?

As I reviewed my slice of life blog posts in search of a topic to cover for this, my second to last post, I discovered I have actually only made 28 posts when I should have made 29. I skimmed through the posts and checked the dates. I discovered I had somehow failed to post on Thursday, March 12. On the 11th, I posted about what I was thankful for. On the morning of the 13th I posted about pizza. Where, oh where, art thou March 12th post?

I'm experiencing some odd emotions. I'm reminded of the recurring nightmare where it's college finals week and I haven't been to class since the beginning of the semester. I'm always panicking because I know there is just no way I can pass the class and earn the credit. I get upset because I've wasted so much money and lowered my GPA. I am ashamed that I didn't take my education seriously. I avoid eye contact because I know everyone is talking about how they thought I had dropped the class and I don't want to explain to them that I had avoided responsibility. It's an awful dream. I feel as though I'm living it now.

How could I miss a post?   What could have possibly distracted me so greatly that I completely forgot?  I missed the midnight mark a couple of times, but was able to make the posts. This is different. This is bad. I didn't complete the challenge. I'm feeling awful. Is it too late to make up the post!  Will my blog be one slice short?  Can I squeeze in an extra post in the morning and still "count" it?

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  1. You forgot you're a busy woman its okay. Its cool that posting is really important for you. Also that reminds me of me not taking school seriously till now you have made me realize that school is important and that I need to try hard!