Sunday, March 8, 2015


A week ago today, I felt pretty ill. I was aching, coughing, and sneezing. Fear was taking me over because I couldn't beleive I was getting sick for the third time in a month. Bordering on hypochondria, I even began to suspect I has a compromised immune system. By Wednesday morning, I was convinced my decreased immune function was due to a life threatening condition.

Yesterday morning I felt strong enough to venture out in search of a new rug. My fear of a chronic illness had subsided and I retroactively blamed my colds on bad luck and viruses.  This morning I was feeling awful again, but I think it is because I overdid it yesterday. I should have stayed in bed yesterday and searched for a rug today. Now it's bedtime and I'm feeling better than I did last Sunday and significantly better than I did Monday through Friday. I'm fearful I'll be sick again next Sunday because that's what has happened for the last month, but I'm hopeful that today marks the end of cold season for me.

I always say that there is nothing like getting sick to make me appreciate being well. It isn't until I'm struggling to breathe that I appreciate my normally open sinuses, my ears clogging and draining that I appreciate clear hearing, and and my eyes watering from a pounding headache that I appreciate days without pain.

Now that I'm feeling close to normal, I'm going to make every effort to appreciate wellness. I purchased a cute blue chevron notepad and a new turquoise pen to record thoughts of gratitude throughout the day. My goal is to find a few instances of appreciation each day. Perhaps I'll share some on the blog here with you.

The tech department never got back to me with a solution for student google IDs not working on blogger. This is the reason my guest bloggers have been silent thus far. I think we'll have them post their entries in the comments section. We will try that tomorrow, so check back then for Slice posts in two additional languages!

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