Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Today's Gratitude

Today I found myself grateful for:

  • Sunshine
  • A husband willing to take a sick girl to the doctor so that his wife could tackle a busy, important day
  • A friend kind enough to pick up lunch so that a lady could get some work finished
  • School district employees pulling resources and working together to meet the needs of one student who might otherwise fall through the cracks
  • FEMA storm shelters 
  • An administrator listening to the requests of an employee and agreeing that her needs and vision are of importance
  • Technology that works
  • Afternoon naps
  • Netflix
  • Two adorable, affectionate dogs who love a lady even when she is exhausted
  • A daughter who will heal thanks to modern medicine 
  • A ceiling fan to cool my skin as I experience yet another fever


  1. Familia
    Mis Maestros
    Mrs. Booher
    Mrs. Barroeta
    El Mantecado (Helado)
    La Comida, MMMM
    La fruta
    Las cosas electronicas
    La playa
    El avion
    El Sol
    La Ropa
    Los Zapatos
    Los Lapices
    Los Papeles
    Las Fotos
    LA Silla
    El Piso
    El Dinero
    Por el internet

  2. Tacos
    Jugar al Futbol con amigos
    Jugar video juegos con mis amigos

  3. Today I am thankful for having God in my life. For have food,water,house have a safe country and a city to be in. One of the most things I am thankful is for meeting two of the greatest people and now two of the most important people in my life. Mrs. Booher really nice,helpful, and caring and even though I annoy her shes still cares about me. Also Mrs.Mrs. Barroeta she is nice,helpful, and caring she cares about the biggest things to the smallest things. For example big things my life in God and college and small things me sending a email to a teacher or doing sports for high school. This month they have been busy because they have been testing and they still have time to not only help me but other student. Now the cool and fun stuff Tv,soccer,Xbox,music and guitar.I have too much to things to be thankful for but I can't name all of them but those are a few things i'm thankful for! Oh and Tristan started as just a normal kid but now we are basically like brothers.

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