Sunday, March 22, 2015

Time Flies

As I sit here on the the last night of my spring break, I find myself contemplating how quickly time passes.  I realize its cliché to state that it feels like only yesterday, but it truly does feel like it was only yesterday when I had an entire week of possibility ahead of me.  I just can't believe it is already time to return to school!  I have so many other things I wanted to take care of before this evening.  l may not have accomplished everything on my lists, but I did get a few things completed and spent a lot of time relaxing and reenergizing.  

This afternoon I attended my grandfather's 80th birthday party.  I saw some family members I hadn't seen in some time.  There were aunts/uncles and cousins I hadn't seen in  a few years, and great aunts/uncles and second cousins I hadn't seen in over 10 years.  I was surprised by the passing of time.  I've just been living my life, and hadn't really taken notice of just how much time had passed.  I struggled to remember some names, and wondered who a few people were.  I imagine many of those in attendance didn't recognize me as well.

A week from today I will likely feel the same way, that time has gone so quickly and there is still so much left for me to do.  In nine weeks when this school year is officially over, I will feel shocked that another year has passed.  In five months I'll wonder where the summer went and feel surprise that it's time again for a new school year.  In 10 years at my grandfather's 90th birthday party I'll wonder how time got away from me and will likely struggle to remember even more names and not recognize many more faces as our families continue to grow and time continues to age our faces.  In the meantime, I'll just keep pushing through my ongoing to-do-list called life.

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  1. Man all I have to say about this is that it had me looking at the screen and thinking for about 25 min about my future and how time does pass by fast.Thinking about the positive and negative things about the future.