Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunny Sunday

Well, it's official!  I have my first sunburn of 2015. My rosy cheeks and crimson nose are announcing the arrival of spring. Sophia had soccer practice at 2:00 today, which is the part of the day when the sun's energy is concentrated on the surface. I slathered my skin with SPF 15 sunblock, as I do most days to ward off wrinkles, but apparently it wasn't powerful enough to protect me from the sun. This is likely because my face hasn't seen much light since August when the angle of Earth weakened the sun's energy and my time outside diminished due to start of school. The burn has a slight sting, but is bearable. I'm trying to ignore the damage and not think of the wrinkles or sun spots that will be a result of this spring tattoo. Instead, I'm embracing the marking as a sign of spring's declaration of arrival. It's my favorite season after all, even if its presence means I'll look a little bit older because of it.

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  1. A good thing of being brown is that you don't get sun burnt but you do get darker ha!