Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Overlooking the Obvious

After my early morning post, I found myself thinking about my home internet access a few times throughout the day. I wouldn't describe my thoughts as obsessive. They perhaps could have entered the zone of obsession if I hadn't been so busy today, but fortunately those feelings were kept at bay.

However, once I found myself at my mother-in-law's house, where I picked up a sick Sophia, I ignored the small talk and jumped straight to the most important question: is your internet back up?  I was so pleased to hear that her internet was indeed working, which I assumed meant mine would as well.

Once I arrived home, I discovered the linen I had ordered for the new cushion covers had arrived and was waiting on my porch. The navy blue was perfect!  I had taken a gamble ordering online because everyone knows there are variations in device screens. The turquoise was too blue, and the sunroom turquoise is more green like true turquoise, so it won't work in that room. However, it is beautiful and I'll easily find a use for it. I was feeling optimistic about life because my navy blue linen was a win and the internet was back up.

After I finished a few after school chores, I settled in with my iPad to catch up on the news. That's when I discovered the internet was still not working at my house. I felt a panic in my chest because there was no explanation for it not working. I used my phone to access the troubleshooting site and worked my way through each step. The final page terrified me: your problem requires a technician. No!  No!  Nooooooooo!  A technician would want to come between 8:00 and 3:00 when I'm working. I started to think that my router was broken or the modem needed to be replaced.

After working through the steps for a second time and hoping a little bit harder, I finally surrendered and submitted a ticket for a technician. I was surprised when I received a call a few minutes later. It was a young man offering to walk me through the trouble shooting steps before they sent someone out later in the week.  I explained that I had attempted to reset the router and modem, but that it was futile because there was no improvement. He told me to wait a moment and he would check the connection from his end. A few seconds later he said "Your modem is on standby."  I responded "Yes, I can see that."  He continued, politely, "There is a button on the top of your modem that says Standby. Push that button."  I should have been relieved, and I was, but I was also embarrassed. I said "Isn't it interesting when the simple, obvious solution is right in front of your eyes but you can't even see it because you're frustrated?"  My iPad lit up with push notifications and my browser came back to life. I apologized and thanked the man for his time. He said it was no problem because it was such an easy fix. I was grateful for his help but more so for his patience and the fact that at no point did he sound irritated, condescending, or pretentious. He easily could have been unpleasant since I was certainly wasting his time with something I should have been able to do myself, but he chose not to be and for that I am grateful and will make every effort to notice the obvious and extend courtesy to those who may not.

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