Monday, March 2, 2015

I'm having so much fun reading everyone's blog posts!  This is going to be such a great year for Slice of Life.

My post will be rather short today.  Today was the kind of day that makes you want to just crawl into bed. It started when I slipped on black ice in the parking lot this morning before school and is ending with me being sick, again!  I'm a little too old for scraped knees, and I'm certainly not interested in fighting another respiratory tract infection! There were some others bumps between those two unfortunate developments, and the day was ultimately not great.

I'm inspired by Dr. Zornes' insightful post, Mrs. Mitchell's suspenseful snippet, and Collins' Cardinals' creative entries. Despite being stirred by such magnificent compositions, I just can't seem to find my writer's fire today. The embers are there, and hopefully they'll combust soon.

I'm still working out some issues regarding student access to Once we have that straightened, my Slice team should begin posting.

Enjoy your day!

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