Wednesday, March 18, 2015

First Full Day With the Fitbit

Today was my first full day wearing the Fitbit.  Here are my initial observations:

  • I'm not used to wearing anything on my wrist.  I haven't worn a watch in a few years.  My phone makes a watch essentially obsolete.  The Fitbit isn't tight or uncomfortable, it's just there and noticeable.  Also, It isn't discrete, so I don't know how I'll feel about that when I go back to work.
  • Apparently I awoke 20 times last night.  I suspected I was restless due to my perceived sleep apnea, but that seems excessive.  The Fitbit says I actually only slept 4 hours.  Yikes!  No wonder I'm always sleepy during the day!
  • As of right now, I only took 5,561 steps.  I cleaned my home for the majority of the day, and I'm a little surprised that I only got in about 1/2 of the suggested steps (10,000/day).  If it hadn't been raining when I awoke this morning, I would have been able to take that walk and easily hit 10,000.
  • I like the alarm.  I really like it.  Growing up, I despised my alarm clock.  The sound is atrocious.  When cellphones began offering alarms and then when they offered a choice of alarm tones, my life changed!  The sound of a traditional alarm is a terrible way to begin the day.  Even though a cellphone alarm isn't as awful as an alarm clock, I've grown to dislike any alarm tone.  That's why this alarm is so nice!  It is a silent alarm.  The Fitbit vibrates on your arm, and wakes you up as gently as a purring kitten.  A traditional alarm makes my heart nearly jump out of my chest, but this option was far less startling.  I like it!
  • Caller ID is interesting.  When I'm working, I keep my phone in my pocket.  I want to make sure I have it in the event of an emergency.  When my phone rings, silent on vibrate of course, I prefer not to pull it out if I'm teaching or with another adult.  My Fitbit has caller ID, so I can see who is calling without pulling out my phone.  Now, very few people call me and I can usually make an accurate guess when predicting who is ringing, so I don't know how useful this is for me.  
  • The App is where I can record food and activities.  I've used food tracker apps before and have found they are not accurate.  I suppose I have abnormal metabolism.  Other apps have stated that if I continue to eat the way I do, I'll weight 43 pounds (exaggeration) in 6 months.  However, I don't lose weight and often gain it.  At this point, I'm not placing much faith in the diet tracker aspect of the Fitbit app because I ate less than it stated I had to eat to lose 1 pound a week, and I'm pretty sure I ate the way I always eat, and I'm quite sure I'll weigh the same next week as I weigh today, if not a bit more.  
  • I'm about to take a shower.  The Fitbit is water resistant up to 10 meters.  The developer states you can shower or do the dishes or swim without worry, but I'm just not comfortable doing that!  If I take it off, the Fitbit will think I'm sleeping, so I really should keep it on at all times.  What to do?  What to do?

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  1. That sounds really cool I wish I had one. But in my case I would like one that made me eat. My Mom friends teacher think i'm sick or something is wrong with me because I don't eat but maybe there's something wrong with me became when I see food it make me want to throw up. In conclusion that Fitbit is really cool! The Fitbit will pay of in the future!