Friday, March 6, 2015

8 Minutes Late!

I've been trying to sleep, but something has been nagging at me. Just as I start to drift off, I'm stirred back to awareness. I haven't been able to figure it out, and assumed it was just a symptom of my cold or related to the fact that my sleep-schedule is off due to the snow days. I had a sip of lemon water when it struck me: I forgot to post to Slice of Life!  Since I haven't fallen asleep today, I'm going to call this my Thursday post. It's technically past midnight, 8 minutes when I began writing, but I think we can all agree to classify this as "on time". If you're willing to let it slide, I'll look the other way when you do the same. Thirty-one days is a long time!  I assume at least one of you will slip up. Let's take a vote. Tell me in the comments below. Does this post count as my Thursday post, or did I miss Thursday and mess up my entire Slice challenge?  Perhaps now I can fall asleep. If only I could actually breathe through my nose...

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